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The A&T sector has 1'800 managed PCs, 200 MACs and more than 100 printers used for Desktop activities.

In order to facilitate the task of the A&T sector end-user, to keep a good inventory of the installed desktop equipment and to homogenise the installation and the support, BE/CO has been mandated by the A&T Sector Director to provide desktop support to BE, TE and EN as described on this website.

Scope :

The BTE Desktop Support scope covers all the PCs, MACs and printers used in the A&T sector for Desktop Activities. The hardware and the software are covered by this support. The support provided is fully described in the User's guide
The computers used for the operation of the accelerators are not included in the scope of BTE Desktop Support.

About 6 FTE are made available for this Desktop Support from the BE/CO group as described in the team page.

Objectives :

The BTE Department Desktop Support team will follow-up all the requests that will arrive via e-mail to
A phone number (75644 or 76213 or 62987 or 72163) is available to get information about the current state of a request.

The main objectives of this A&T sector Desktop Support are :

  1. to ease the task of the end-user

  2. to have an up to date inventory of the installed base in the BE, TE and EN department

  3. To homogenise the installation and the support.

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